The Other Iraq

The Kurds against ISIS. | National Geographic

On Michael Herr

Remembering the author of "Dispatches." | The American Scholar

Last Rites for the Jade Sea?

Kenya's Lake Turkana—and the tribes who depend on it—face and uncertain future. | National Geographic

How to Tell Powerful Narratives on Instagram

Harvard's Nieman Reports

Africa's Last Frontier

Ethiopia's Omo River Valley | National Geographic 

Nowhere Girl

Letter from Kakuma Refugee Camp | The American Scholar

Ramadi Nights

What Winning the Iraq War Looked Like | The Virginia Quarterly Review

Why the West is Burning 

Wildfires in the western U.S. keep getting worse. | National Geographic 

The Talking Season

IWinter brings a brief calm—and reveals the deeper challenges of the war in Afghanistan. | The Virginia Quarterly Review

A Gathering Menace

American soldiers on the edge in Afghanistan. | The American Scholar

Paris Underground

The City of Lights needs its City of Darkness. | National Geographic

Madagascar's Stone Forest

Exploring a nearly impenetrable labyrinth of animals, caverns, and spirits. | National Geographic

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