For most of my career I've focused on sharing stories through writing. But during the last few years I've expanded into film for the beautiful and nuanced ways this medium brings stories to different audiences, with different techniques. Here's a selections of recent projects.



I'm thrilled to announce that in June we won a production grant from Fork Films to continue work on Nowhere. Fork is the company behind such powerful docs as Armor of Light and The Trials of Spring. Read more about the grant here.

Nowhere is a feature-length doc explores the struggles, dreams and hopes of three refugees who are caught in international limbo—unable to return home, unable to immigrate, and trapped in one of the Africa's largest refugee pop-up cities.   |   In collaboration with Several Pictures.

The Kurds' Struggle to Defend Their Homeland

I wrote, produced, and hosted this one-hour documentary for the National Geographic Channel. It aired in early 2016 as part of the channel's "Explorer" series and was based on my original reporting for a magazine story.   |   In collaboration with Market Road Films


The Art of Storytelling

I consulted with Market Road Films on the writing for this Rolex ad set, which premiered during the 2017 Oscars.   |   In collaboration with Market Road Films

A Fire Came to Cleanse Us

In Development w/ The Doc Group

What happens to faith, family and community in the wake of genocide? What lies beyond the word "victim?" This feature doc follows Yazidi women and their families in northern Iraq as they remake their lives after the ISIS invasion. Some were made sex slaves, some child soldiers, others became converts to Islam at gunpoint. A Fire Came to Cleanse Us opens where the smoke is beginning to clear, and the Yazidi people are hauling themselves up from the ashes.   |   I'm a writer and produver on this film, in collaboration with The Doc Group, Market Road Films, and Arella productions.


Second Genesis 

The Search for Life in Our Solar System

Forty years after Voyager transformed our understanding of the solar system, we stand at the edge of the next great wave of human exploration. Second Genesis (working title) unfolds against the thrilling background of contemporary space science, where biology—the search for extraterrestrial life—now shapes the way we see our solar system and how we pursue the simplest and most profound question ever asked: Are we alone?   |   I'm the writer and producer on this short film, made in collaboration with Market Road FilmsPBS and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.  Scheduled delivery: June 2017

A series of shorts for CBS Sports + GMC

I consulted on this series of shorts that explore how technology is changing the way professional football is played and practiced.   |   In collaboration with Market Road Films.


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