Neil Shea

is a writer, filmmaker, teacher and creative consultant. His work regularly appears in National Geographic magazine, and he's a contributing editor with The Virginia Quarterly Review and The American Scholar. His recent creative clients have included Instagram, Atlantic Re:Think, Cathay Pacific Airways, and Market Road Films. He teaches at Sewanee, the University of the South, and at Boston University.



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@ Chandelier Creative

In March I gave a talk at the Chandelier Creative penthouse in SoHo. They've assembled parts of the presentation with pieces of an interview with me and, if you're interested, you can find it here.


Subway Rorschach

New short story coming in the spring issue of the Virginia Quarterly Review. On newsstands now.


A Good Book 

Blurbing a book I believe in: The Songs of Trees by David Haskell. 


"With a poet's ear and a naturalist's eye Haskell re-roots us in life's grand creative struggle and encourages us to turn away from empty individuality. The Songs of Trees reminds us that we are not alone, and never have been."




Dispatches: Borneo

In a cave called Sarawak the swiftlets would drop out of the darkness and visit. Who knows why they came, but our headlamps attracted them and so did the candles we burned in camp. They’d land on our shoulders, or we’d find them clinging to wet t-shirts and socks, anything we’d strung up on a line. The birds were never worried, always calm. Some subterranean understanding.

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