Neil Shea

is a writer, filmmaker, teacher and creative consultant. His work regularly appears in National Geographic magazine, and he's a contributing editor with The Virginia Quarterly Review and The American Scholar. His recent creative clients have included Instagram, Atlantic Re:Think, Cathay Pacific Airways, and Market Road Films. He teaches at Sewanee, the University of the South, and at Boston University.



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The Battle of Messines

I'd been studying this battle for years, and then National Geographic asked me to write about its centenary. Up now, here

 "For me the most outstanding aspect of the of the battle is that it literally changed the face of the earth.”

@ Chandelier Creative

In March I gave a talk at Chandelier Creative in SoHo, on the art of writing short stories. They've put parts of the presentation up here.



A collection of things that are lately inspiring and guiding my own projects. Above, I wrote a blurb for David Haskell's excellent new book,The Songs of Trees. 




Borneo — Most of the animals I meet while on assignment aren't interested in hanging out. But in caves deep below Borneo's rainforest, these tiny bold birds were happy to drop out of the darkness for a visit. Read more here.


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